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Treatment duration:20 to 45 minutes per eyelid
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthetic, possibly twilight sedation or general anaesthesia
Hospitalisation:Outpatient treatment
Post-treatment:Sutures removed after 4 to 7 days
Presentable:After 1 to 2 weeks
Exercise:No exercise for 3 weeks
Cost:Upper eyelid lift: from €2,900 – €3,900
Lower eyelid lift: from €2,900 – €4,900
Upper and lower eyelid lift: from €5,500 – €7,900



A clear, open gaze radiates self-confidence, intelligence and attentiveness. Beautiful eyes are an important element of an attractive face and have a major influence on how others perceive us. Drooping eyelids often have a negative impact on a person’s appearance and alters how other people perceive them. This can often cause people with drooping eyelids to become unhappy with their appearance. In some cases, drooping eyelids also impair a person’s field of vision, limiting their gaze and making everyday tasks – such as driving a car – more difficult. They can also cause a person’s eyes to become fatigued more quickly, such as when working at a computer or when reading.

Drooping eyelids can have many different causes. In some cases, they can be caused by congenital malposition of the lid or excess skin and/or tissue. Eyelids can also begin to droop as a result of ageing. Sagging, drooping or swollen upper or lower eyelids are also frequently caused by ageing. Eyelid skin is very thin, which is why it often loses its elasticity at a young age.

Here at the KOEBE KLINIK, we treat drooping or sagging lids with an eyelid lift.

An eyelid lift procedure tautens the skin and removes excess tissue. It may also involve removing or repositioning any excess muscle and fat tissue. We can perform eyelid lifts on either the upper or lower eyelids or, if necessary, on a combination of the two.

The procedure is always performed by one of our two specialists, Dr Hermann Koebe and Dr Dr Norman Koebe. Dr Dr Norman Koebe trained extensively to specialise in plastic and aesthetic operations as well as in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr Hermann Koebe is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Both possess expertise and years of experience that enable for them to perform this delicate procedure with the greatest degree of precision. These aspects are crucial for achieving excellent results.

Augenlidstraffung, Koebe Klinik Düsseldorf

Here at the KOEBE KLINIK, we usually perform eyelid lifts on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic. The procedure normally lasts about one hour. Afterwards, you can leave the clinic and return home.

If you are bothered by prominent or protruding bags under your eyes, we can also treat this in the course of an eyelid lift. To do this, we tauten the skin and also remove or relocate excess fat tissue where necessary.

Of course, we also offer tear trough fillers to treat dark circles under the eyes. We use excess fat tissue from elsewhere in your body to fill in dark rings and depressions under the eyes. Since this approach uses autologous tissue, we do not anticipate any rejection reactions and patients generally tolerate the procedure very well. The fat tissue helps to afford your eye region a smoother, fresher and healthier appearance.

If you are interested in an eyelid lift, our senior physicians Dr Dr Norman Koebe and Dr Hermann Koebe will, of course, care for you personally. They are renowned as true specialists in facial operations and possess and exceptionally well-refined sense of aesthetics and holistic treatment. At our clinic, they will advise you in detail about which method would be best suited for your individual needs and the aesthetic results that could realistically be achieved.


Our eyes allow us to perceive the world around us and interact with our surroundings. This is why it can often be distressing when various influences significant affect the area around our eyes. Two symptoms in particular can lead people to consider a lower eyelid lift: prominent or protruding bags under the eyes and a very visible tear trough can often cause distress. As many people regard these as aesthetic flaws, which can lead the person concerned to become increasingly distressed, we offer specialist lower eyelid lifting at the KOEBE KLINIK. Our delicate, uncomplicated techniques allow us to significantly improve our patients’ wellbeing and restore a fresh, youthful radiance.

The term “bags under the eyes” refers to additional fat tissue and water retention below the eyes. They can be caused by age-related or genetic factors, stress, a lack of sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle. At the KOEBE KLINIK, can remedy bags under the eyes in a surgical procedure by making an incision along their outer edge. A suitable, highly popular method is to make the incision in the eyelid crease, which essentially hides the scar when healed. Once our specialist has made a small incision, they remove some fat tissue and also redistribute of the tissue to smooth the transition from the cheek to the eyelid and create a harmonious appearance. This means that the patient’s own tissues are used to fill out their tear trough, with lasting results. The fatty tissue is spread out and placed under the tear trough to fill it out. This brief procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes per eyelid and can be performed without any issues under local anaesthesia.

As part of a lower eyelid lift, our specialist physicians can ensure that a prominent tear trough is reduced in appearance. This also involves redistributing the patient’s fat tissue. As the skin in the eye area is very thin, at the KOEBE KLINIK we use a gentle, delicate procedure. We make a minimal incision to remove the fat tissue from and redistribute it evenly to produce a smooth result. PRP therapy (also known as a vampire lift) or a skin-bleaching peel can also achieve satisfactory results. Facial skin can also begin to sag as we grow older or due to other environmental impacts, making the tear trough even more prominent. The excess skin that develops can also often be removed as part of the treatment. Of course, at the KOEBE KLINIK we can also perform a combination treatment in which we treat both tear troughs and bags under the eyes while smoothing out other wrinkles in the eye area.

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How do drooping lids and bags under the eyes develop?

The eyelids are often the first part of the body to show signs of ageing because the skin in this area is so thin.

Exposure to sunlight, environmental influences and other factors impact on eyelid skin and can lead both upper and lower lids to droop or become swollen or slack. These are natural consequences of the ageing process. Excess tissue is another possible cause of drooping lids.

Bags develop under our eyes as a result of the orbicularis oculi – the muscle that closes the eyelid – becoming slack. This can cause a person’s face to appear old and tired and cannot be eliminated with cosmetic products alone.

A eyelid lift – sometimes referred to as blepharoplasty – can combat these signs of ageing and restore a fresh, youthful appearance.

Who could benefit from an eyelid lift?

In many cases, an eyelid lift is more than simply a cosmetic procedure. Excess eyelid skin can markedly limit a person’s field of vision and impact negatively on their daily life. In such instances, an eyelid lift may be advised for medical reasons alone.

If you have already been bothered by drooping eyelids, don’t hesitate to arrange an appointment at the KOEBE KLINIK. Performing an eyelid lift at an early stage can often prevent your field of vision from being impaired and improve your quality of life.

The first wrinkles generally develop in the area around the lower eyelid. Some people are predisposed to developing bags under their eyes. At our clinic, we can also use eyelid lifts to remove bags under the eyes and smooth out eye wrinkles.

There is no catch-all answer for the age at which an eyelid might be advisable. How our skin ages varies significantly from person to person: genetic factors and the exposure to sunlight can affect the skin around the eyes and cannot be calculated on an individual basis.

Ultimately, how the individual feels is the main factor in determining the right time for an operation.

If a person has a low-set eyebrow, this can be a contraindication or mean that an eyebrow lift is only partially suitable. Our specialists, Dr Dr Norman Koebe and Dr Hermann Koebe, will advise you in detail about alternative treatments open to you. An endoscopic eyebrow lift to open up the eyes can provide clear aesthetic and functional benefits for patients with low-set eyebrows.

It is important to note, however, that other practitioners often diagnose ageing upper eyelids as the cause of excess skin and tissue in the eye region when the real reason is actually a low-set eyebrow.

What do I need to consider before and after an eyelid lift?

The success of the procedure depends as much on the skill of the surgeon as it does on conscientious care and cooperation from the patient.

To avoid complications, you should refrain from taking any blood-thinning or anti-coagulant medication for at least two weeks before the operation. You should also avoid compounds containing ginkgo biloba, vitamin E and painkillers.

An eyelid lift is an outpatient procedure; in most cases, patients are then able to leave our clinic and return home.

After the operation, you should cool the eyes as instructed by the physician. You should sleep with your head elevated and avoid exerting yourself physically for at least three days after the procedure. This will allow you to avoid wound healing issues.

Do not use any cosmetic products in the eye area as the skin will be particularly sensitive following the procedure.

You should also avoid strenuous physical exertion and exercise for two to three weeks.

What exactly does an eyelid lift involve?

The exact procedure is determined by whether it concerns an upper or lower eyelid lift.

During an upper eyelid lift, we tauten the upper eyelid by purposefully removing excess skin, fat deposits and muscle tissue. The specialist makes the incision in the eyelid crease so that the scar is barely visible once healed.

A lower eyelid lift also involves removing excess skin. Where necessary, excess fat deposits may also be removed. Your senior physician treating you will make the incision under the lash line, meaning that the scars from this procedure are also barely visible.

If you wish, we can also use your own fat tissue to fill in your tear trough. This allows us to fill out any dark circles or depressions under the eyes, resulting in a fresher, healthier and more youthful appearance.

Can upper and lower eyelid lifts be performed at the same time?

Combining several procedures in a single operation is not a problem. Doing so can, however, extend the recovery period. Dr Hermann Koebe or Dr Dr Norman Koebe will advise you of the precise details during an extensive consultation.

Does an eyelid lift leave behind any visible scars?

Our specialists, Dr Dr Norman Koebe and Dr Hermann Koebe, always make incisions so that the scars, which are hardly visible, are well concealed and inconspicuous once healed.

What side effects can be expected after an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure and therefore entails certain risks and potential side-effects.

It is not possible to exclude these issues completely. Dr Hermann Koebe is a specialist with deep expertise and years of professional experience, which does minimise the risks. As a specialist dual-certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as aesthetic and plastic operations, Dr Dr Norman Koebe is an expert in the art of successful cosmetic eyelid lifts.

Minor complaints such as redness, swelling or slight bruising may occur after the operation. These will dissipate of their own accord during the healing process and are usually not a cause for concern.

Are the results of an eyelid lift permanent?

During an eyelid lift, we remove excess skin, muscle and fat tissue. The results can be expected to be long-lasting.
Despite this, the skin around the eyes remains subject to the ageing process. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that another eyelid lift will not become necessary in time.

Are financing solutions available for eyelid lifts?

We offer our patients a straightforward, practical financing model for eyelid lifts. This means that patients don’t need to postpone their desire for a fresher, rejuvenated look for financial reasons and can undergo an eyelid lift free from financial concerns.


  • Greatest specialist expertise: At the KOEBE KLINIK, our senior physician Dr Dr Norman Koebe will treat and care for you from your initial consultation through to your final check-up. He is a dual-certified specialist with qualifications in plastic and aesthetic operations as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery. Very few physicians in Germany possess such advanced qualifications.
    Dr Hermann Koebe is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and a true expert in aesthetic facial treatments. He has enjoyed major success in aesthetic and plastic surgery for more than 20 years and always strives on to ensure his patients are fully satisfied.
  • Highest hygiene standards: Our clinic is a licensed specialist clinic in accordance with Section 30 of the German Trade Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung) and is subject to the strictest hygienic requirements.
  • Exacting treatment standards: At our clinic, the patient is our primary focus. In order to achieve outstanding results in exceptional functional terms, we only use products when we are convinced of their quality. Dr Dr Norman Koebe and Dr Hermann Koebe are renowned, highly regarded specialists who will give you comprehensive advice on the results you can realistically expect to achieve. They maintain the highest standards in their work at the KOEBE KLINIK. Our goal is to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results of your treatment.


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