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Treatment duration:About 2 to 3.5 hours
Anaesthesia:General anaesthetic
Hospitalisation:1 to 2 days
Post-treatment:Compression garment for 6 weeks
Presentable:After about 1 to 2 weeks
Exercise:Light exercise after about 3 to 4 weeks
Cost:€4,500 – €6,900 for mini abdominoplasty, €7,900 – €12,900 for full abdominoplasty


Dreams of about an attractive, toned abdomen and a slim waist are by no means the preserve of women alone. For many men, a defined midsection is also part of their ideal body. Unfortunately, our abdominal region undergoes changes over the course of our lives, whether due to weight fluctuations or changes in our hormonal balance. Many people are unable to get rid of sagging areas of skin and stubborn fat deposits, despite their best efforts.

If exercise and a healthy diet alone fail to product results, abdominoplasty – also known as an abdominal lift or a tummy tuck – can help you achieve a defined midsection once again. Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and, in some cases, fatty tissue. The surgeon delicately firms, shapes and streamlines the patient’s torso, restoring a harmonious silhouette. In some instances, smaller corrections can be performed in a so-called “mini-abdominoplasty” – a less extensive lifting procedure without relocation of the navel.

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At the KOEBE KLINIK, all abdominal lift procedures are performed by our senior physician Dr Hermann Koebe. Dr Koebe has many years of experience and profound specialist knowledge in the field of abdominoplasty. This allows him to address the needs and specific problems of each patient with a clear focus.

No matter whether you’ve achieved significant weight loss or would like to erase the traces of pregnancy, Dr Koebe is your specialist partner for the surgical abdominal lifts. Arrange a no-obligation consultation now – our senior physician, Dr Hermann Koebe, would be happy to offer you personal advice.


Who could benefit from abdominoplasty?

Abdominal lifts are particularly suitable for patients with a sagging abdominal region following a pregnancy or significant weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin and gently models the abdominal wall. It can also remove unwanted, stubborn fat that exercise and good nutrition have been unable to shift.

It is not uncommon for women to suffer from abdominal separation (so-called diastasis recti) following a pregnancy. Suture techniques not unlike a corset work to stabilise the stretched muscles, resulting in a markedly flatter stomach and a slimmer waist than could be achieved by tightening the skin alone.

Here at the KOEBE KLINIK, Dr Koebe would be happy to advise you personally about whether and when an abdominal lift could benefit you.

What do I need to consider before and after abdominoplasty?

An abdominal lift does not require any special preparation on your part. If you can lose some weight before the operation, this would be helpful and can further enhance the results. If you have been prescribed anticoagulant or blood-thinning medication, our specialist will discuss the necessary preparations for special medications with you.

Following the procedure, it is important to avoid physical exertion initially. To prevent complications and support the results of the operation, you should wear a special supporting garment and, if necessary, an abdominal belt for the first six weeks. For smaller procedures, such as mini abdominoplasty, patients sometimes only need to wear the supportive garment for briefer periods. You should wear the abdominal belt all day and night.

Dr Koebe will give you further aftercare instructions for your specific case, such as relating to scar care.

What does the abdominoplasty procedure involve?

At the KOEBE KLINIK, our abdominoplasty treatment always starts with a detailed personal consultation. Dr Koebe will firstly ask about your problem areas and what you hope to achieve. He will then discuss with you whether an abdominal lift would be the most suitable form of treatment for you – and, if it is, the scope of the lift required.

If you elect to have an abdominal lift, Dr Koebe will prepare a detailed treatment plan. This is tailored to your individual needs and body shape. The procedure itself takes place under general anaesthetic and requires an inpatient stay for several days. During this recovery phase, we will care for you around the clock.

The treatment steps in an abdominal lift treatment differ in each individual case. Excess skin in the abdominal region is surgically removed and the abdominal wall tightened. In many cases, it can be beneficial to perform liposuction at the same time. This allows us to contour and smoothen the torso’s transition zones. If a patient only has a little excess skin, a so-called mini-abdominoplasty may be sufficient; this localised abdominal lift particularly lifts tissues in the lower abdominal area.

Of course, if the patient wishes, we can combine an abdominal lift with liposuction in a procedure called lipoabdominoplasty.

Does abdominoplasty leave any visible scars?

An abdominal lift can result in scarring similar to the scar from a caesarean section. Only when the patient presents with a significant, protruding apron of abdominal skin might the surgery require a lateral approach extending to the side. However, exercising diligent scar care should help the scars to fade visibly over time.

Wherever possible, Dr Koebe makes the incisions so that subsequent scars will be inconspicuous, hidden by underwear (in the so-called “bikini zone”).

When will I be able to socialise and exercise again?

After an abdominal lift, you should allow for a primary recovery phase of about 2 weeks. You will be able to resume light office duties after one week and more strenuous physical labour after about 6 weeks.

When you will be able to exercise depends to a large extent on the activities in question. At the KOEBE KLINIK, we will give you detailed advice about your specific case.

Can the skin sag again at the treated sites?

In principle, abdominoplasty enables us to achieve permanent results. However, a person’s lifestyle, significant weight fluctuations and the natural ageing process can all cause the tissues in the abdominal region to sag once again.

Another pregnancy can have negatively affect the operation results. With this in mind, it is usually only worth undergoing an abdominal lift after deciding not to have any more children. To avoid placing (additional) stress on the abdomen, especially the skin in this region, and to avoid stretching it more than necessary, we would advise patients to consider liposuction to avoid developing excess stomach fat ahead of a planned pregnancy.

What are the risks associated with an abdominal lift?

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic and involves the general surgical and anaesthetic risks. To minimise the risk of complications, Dr Koebe will perform a thorough examination before the procedure. At the KOEBE KLINIK, we only perform abdominal lifts when no contraindications are present.

Following abdominoplasty, patients can experience swelling, redness and wound pain at first. Sensory disturbances may also occur temporarily; however, such issues should dissipate of their own accord over time. We would be glad to prescribe an appropriate pain medication for the initial pain.

Is financing available for abdominoplasty?

At our clinic, we offer a proven financing model for abdominoplasty. We will help you to obtain suitable financing to enable you to undergo abdominoplasty at a time that suits you. Please ask us for an individual cost schedule.


  • Senior physician treatment: Our senior physician, Dr Hermann Koebe, performs all abdominoplasty procedures at the KOEBE KLINIK. Dr Koebe will also be personally available to you at all times during the operation planning and recovery phases. Dr Koebe sutures wounds personally; he does not delegate this task to his surgical staff. Delicate suturing is essential in aesthetic operations.
  • Greatest specialist expertise: Dr Hermann Koebe possesses profound specialist knowledge and many years of experience in the field of the abdominoplasty. He places the utmost importance on taking a holistic treatment; as well as aesthetic considerations, this also takes functional aspects into account.
  • Peace and discretion: At the KOEBE KLINIK, we perform our treatments in an atmosphere of discretion and trust. Following the abdominoplasty procedure, you will recover in a comfortable single or twin room. We will be happy to cater to your personal wishes.


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