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Treatment duration:About 30 to 45 minutes
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthetic salves
Post-treatment:No special aftercare required
Presentable:Immediately or after a few hours
Exercise:Following day
Cost:€1,590 for 3 applications; €550 for a one-off application


As our skin loses its elasticity over time and the first signs of ageing begin to appear, many people look to gentle skin rejuvenation therapies. Aesthetic medicine has now developed an array of other treatment options. One particularly gentle and natural form of treatment is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, also called a vampire lift or vampire facial.

In a vampire lift, we use the patient’s own blood plasma to skin’s in-built regeneration function and the formation of new collagen and elastin structures. We promote cell activity in a targeted process using exclusively natural substances (growth factors, messenger substances). The overall complexion is enhanced, the skin gains new volume and tautness and appears visibly refreshed and rejuvenated. This treatment proves particularly beneficial when used in areas less suited to hyaluronic acid treatments.

Vampir Lifting, Koebe Klinik Düsseldorf

Vampire lifts are also suitable for patients who are unable or unwilling to devote extended periods to facial treatments. The treatment itself takes a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes and requires very little recovery time. Regular refresher treatments make it possible to sustain the rejuvenating effects and build them cumulatively over time.

At the KOEBE KLINIK, our vampire lift treatments are personally administered by our two senior physicians. Thanks to their many years of experience in aesthetic facial treatments, Dr Hermann Koebe and Dr Dr Norman Koebe are expert practitioners of autohaemotherapy.

One of our specialists would also be happy to offer you personal advice on vampire lift treatments. In a confidential consultation, they will discuss the autohaemotherapy treatment options and whether you would be a suitable candidate. Call us now to make a consultation appointment with no obligation to proceed.


How do vampire lifts (PRP therapy) work?

In PRP therapy, we use the patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate the skin’s in-built regeneration function and visually rejuvenate the skin. We extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood using special preparation methods. The decisive factor for the treatment’s success is obtaining the highest possible concentration of growth factors and regenerative messenger substances. At the KOEBE KLINIK, we use a particularly high-quality and highly effective procedure that guarantees we gain the maximum concentration of active substances.

The specific composition of the plasma stimulates targeted cell renewal. Skin is left visibly refreshed and rejuvenated. It gains new volume and appears tauter and smoother. The first lines and wrinkles begin to recede. To maximise the efficacy of the treatment, we have developed techniques at the KOEBE KLINIK that allow us to implement PRP gently at several levels and with precision at the target site.

What do I need to consider before and after a vampire lifting procedure?

The vampire lift procedure does not require any special preparation on your part. However, you should avoid blood-thinning and anticoagulant medications before the treatment. This also concerns some over-the-counter preparations such as aspirin. You will be given detailed information during the preliminary consultation.

The day after the vampire lift, you will be able to start using makeup again to conceal any redness or swelling. Your practitioner will provide further information on skincare after a vampire lift.

After PRP therapy, it is important to protect your skin from exposure to direct sunlight. You should also avoid visiting the solarium for at least 7 days.

What does the vampire lift procedure involve?

A vampire lift is a short outpatient treatment lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. In the first step, the physician extracts a small amount of autologous blood, prepares it and uses special methods to produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

He then injects the prepared blood plasma in small doses in the areas to be treated. The physician uses special needles to ensure uniform distribution of the plasma fluid. We use a particularly gentle technique that makes the procedure is almost painless for patients. Here at the KOEBE KLINIK, we use the highest quality, finest needles currently available. To make the treatment even more comfortable, we apply a particularly effective numbing cream before administering the PRP treatment.

After a vampire lift, the skin can be cooled initially to reduce any swelling. The blood plasma will begin to unfurl its full effect over the days and weeks that follow, leaving the skin visibly fresher and rejuvenated.

Are vampire lifts suitable for everyone?

In principle, vampire lift treatments are suitable for all patients hoping to improve their complexion through gentle and natural therapy. As we only work with autologous blood during PRP therapy, the risk of allergic reactions and intolerances is excluded.

In the case of acute skin conditions, bleeding disorders and some other conditions, it is not possible to perform PRP therapy. Your doctor will provide you with detailed information during the preliminary discussion.

Does a vampire lift involve injecting exclusively autologous substances?

In a vampire lift, we only use a concentrate rich in active substances derived from the patient’s own blood plasma. This excludes the risk of allergic reactions and intolerances.

When will I be able to socialise again after the procedure?

In principle, you can attend to your usual obligations immediately after treatment. Your face may still be reddened for the first few hours and slightly swollen for the first 2 to 3 days. Initial symptoms such as these can usually be concealed effectively with make-up.

What are the risks associated with vampire lift procedures?

A vampire lift is a very safe treatment when performed by an experienced practitioner. At the KOEBE KLINIK, these treatments are always personally administered by one of our senior physicians. They exclusively use disposable implements in doing so. Strict hygiene standards apply throughout the clinic to guarantee the highest level of safety for all treatments.

Immediately after treatment, you may experience slight redness and swelling for a temporary period. Such symptoms are completely normal and usually subside very quickly.

What are the benefits of vampire lifts?

A vampire lift is a perfect example of a gentle, natural anti-ageing treatment. The method has proven its worth over many years and is has now developed to the point that it has become firmly established in general medicine. We treat the face using exclusively autologous active substances, which means there is no reason to worry about allergies or intolerances. There is also no risk of overcorrection, so even sensitive areas such as the lower eyelid, neck and upper lip can be treated successfully with PRP therapy. The skin gains new tautness, volume and freshness without any surgical intervention or aggressive treatments.

We can administer the treatment in a short time; almost no recovery time is needed. As a rule, you will be able to return to your social and professional obligations immediately – or, at the latest, the following day – without any restrictions. Regular refresher treatments help to maintain the skin-rejuvenating effects over the long term.


  • Effective procedure: At the KOEBE KLINIK, we use a particularly high-quality and highly effective procedure to ensure we obtain the maximum concentration of active substances. This technique is based on an extremely complex dual procedure.
  • High-quality equipment: The needles we use at the KOEBE KLINIK are the finest currently available on the market. This enables us to guarantee a particularly effective and painless treatment.
  • Senior physician treatment: At the KOEBE KLINIK, you will always be treated by one of our senior physicians. Dr Hermann Koebe and Dr Dr Norman Koebe have many years of experience in aesthetic facial treatment. Working with finesse and pursuing a holistic approach to treatment, their aim is to help every patient achieve the best possible results.
  • Individual consultation: Prior to each treatment, you will be given a personal consultation with the specialist treating you. Dr Dr Norman Koebe and Dr Hermann Koebe believe it is extremely important to tailor the treatment plan to each patient’s individual needs. They will always take your personal wishes into account.
  • Central location: The KOEBE KLINIK is situated in Meerbusch, just a few minutes from Düsseldorf city centre. The clinic grounds in Meerbusch offer private parking and a discreet, sheltered entrance.


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